At Brokers Inc, we believe in providing our clients with a high quality, bespoke service that stands the test of time.

This is not only something we pride ourselves on, it is also a fundamental part of our values. Our mission is to work for you, not for the commission. We’ll always put your needs first, so we can source an affordable and effective policy or package that covers your specific risks.

We’ll always talk to you in plain English, never jargon, whether that is in our marketing or on our website, in communications from our team or when we’re discussing the ins and outs of your policy with you. That way, you’ll never be in any doubt as to what your cover includes and, more importantly, doesn’t include.

The Brokers Inc story

We are part of the ‘Brokers inc.’ group of companies. As our clients’ needs have continued to evolve, we realised how important it is to have experienced people who can provide a locally based service. We felt the Hold Cover name and brand represented where we are today.

Founded in 2012, we have the knowledge to support your insurance needs now and in the future. Our established team of insurance specialists boast many years of experience collectively. They have the expertise, and the willingness to think outside the box to provide you with a completely personalised service.

Although our head office is based in the South of England we are dedicated to supporting and championing local businesses, we also provide insurance solutions for companies across the UK.

The customer comes first

We wanted to provide our clients with something a little bit different from other brokers. That’s why our founders created a flat structure where our senior management are both visible to clients and get stuck in across all areas of the business.

Our unconventional model provides you with a unique offering where each and every one of our team members from the top to the bottom is dedicated to finding you the best solution. It also allows our management to have an oversight over our operations and share their wisdom with the whole team, so we can offer you a market leading approach.

As businesses’ needs evolve in the digital era, we’re always looking for new, innovative ways in which we can deliver a cutting-edge service that stands out and supports our clients’ growth and development plans.